QA settings: formatting - language independent checks


  • Consecutive spaces: QA Distiller looks for two or more consecutive white spaces. White spaces are indicated using their Unicode value. A normal space, for example, is represented by [0020] and a hard space by [00A0].
  • Inconsistent leading and trailing spaces: QA Distiller checks if the use of white spaces at the beginning or end of the segment is the same in source and target.


  • Consecutive punctuation marks: QA Distiller looks for two or more consecutive punctuation marks. Also, you get an error whenever QA Distiller finds an ellipsis in the target that is not present in the source.
  • End of segment punctuation: QA Distiller checks if the end of segment punctuation in source and target segment are identical. You can choose to ignore trailing brackets and quoatation marks.


  • Non-matching pairs: QA Distiller checks if every opening bracket has a closing bracket.
  • Leading bracket outside translation unit: QA Distiller checks if a leading bracket is found just outside a translation unit. This can cause problems when the word order changes.
  • Different count: QA Distiller checks if the same number of bracket pairs is used in source and target.


Different count: QA Distiller looks for explicit tab characters in the target. Tab characters can slip into the translation when you copy text from the concordance window in the Workbench. They are represented by their Unicode value: [0009].


QA Distiller checks whether initial or entire capitalisation of source and target are identical.