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Yes. The trial version is only limited in time, not in functionality. The trial period starts when you receive your license key.

QA Distiller licenses are so-called floating licenses, which are retrieved over the Internet from a central license server hosted by Yamagata Europe.

This means that you can install an edition of QA Distiller on as many computers as you want. If a license is available the license server allows the application to run. When you close QA Distiller the license is automatically reclaimed by the license server and made available again.


If you own an Enterprise edition with 5 concurrent users, you can install QA Distiller on all the computers of one department. Five users will be able to use QA Distiller at the same time. When one user closes QA Distiller, this license is immediately available for another user.

You only pay the price difference if you upgrade from one edition to another.

You can simply upgrade your edition by sending an e-mail requesting an upgrade to An invoice will be sent, payable in 30 days.


Let's say you own a Professional edition and you want to upgrade to an Enterprise edition you would pay €2500 - €1000 = €1500.

Probably not. QA Distiller is a software solution that compares target text against source text and reports errors based on certain algorithms. It's up to you to determine whether they're genuine or not. To reduce noise, you can filter out errors using the wrench icon or regular expressions.

The Untranslatable feature works in a different way. The items in these lists are considered okay to be left untranslated and will not produce a forgotten or partially forgotten translation error. QA Distiller does not check if they are left as in the source; it is a feature to reduce false positives.


You can use this feature to add terms like Windows XP, Windows Media Center, ... so you no longer get forgotten errors on them.

If you want to check if terms have been left untranslated, you can either use a dictionary or regular expressions.

Why yes! If you select Settings > File Settings > TTX or Settings > File Settings > XLIFF, you can choose to ignore segments based on their match rate or status.

QA Distiller only counts the number of quotation marks if they are valid for that language, i.e. if they are specified in the language settings.


If straight quotation marks are used in the English source, and the language settings for English only specify curly quotation marks, these straight quotation marks are not counted and QA Distiller thinks there are none in the source. If the correct quotation marks are then used in the target, QA Distiller will report that the target has more quotation marks than the source.

You can solve this by adding straight quotation marks to the English language setting.

You can manually check for updates via Help > Check for updates. You can also configure QA Distiller to automatically check for updates via File > Setup > Update.

All major updates are also communicated via e-mail and on our Twitter and LinkedIn page. On Twitter and LinkedIn you will also be notified of smaller updates and other news.

QA Distiller uses so-called user lists to store customized settings. These are normal windows folders with a set of configuration files. You can find all the juicy details here: How to set up and use profiles.

HIja' (Yes), Klingon speakers can now scan their bilingual files for the intrusion of filthy Romulan characters and also purge them from alphanumerical Borg-isms. Viewing Klingon characters is possible if you install the un-cloaking font Code2000. Klingon is represented by the mighty language code TLH.

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Past issues

January 25, 2018

10:13 CET - The license server is back up.
09:50 CET - The license server is down due to connectivity issues at our datacenter.

September 27, 2017

14:14 CET - The license server is back up.
13:01 CET - The license server is down due to connectivity issues at our datacenter.

March 24, 2017

08:30 CET - The license server is back up.

March 23, 2017

16:45 CET - The license server is down.

April 6, 2016

9:45 CET - The license server is back up.

April 5, 2016

18:40 CET - License server unavailable after maintenance. Checking.
18:30 CET - Scheduled maintenance downtime of 10 mintues.

October 5, 2015

17:30 CET - Scheduled maintenance downtime of 10 mintues.

October 1, 2015

11:59 CET - The license server is back up.
11:00 CET - The license server is currently down. We're investigating.

January 4, 2015

22:00 CET - This issue has been resolved. Sorry for the trouble.
21:00 CET - We've found the cause of the issue.
07:15 CET - The license server is currently down. We're investigating.