About QA Distiller

Automated translation quality assurance

Yamagata Europe's QA Distiller is a software application that makes it possible to automatically detect formal errors in translations and translation memories, and enables their quick and easy correction. The traceable error categories include omissions, inconsistencies, formatting problems, and terminology errors. QA Distiller is able to batch process files and supports language dependent settings.


With QA Distiller you can edit your files directly by double-clicking on the error message. You'll jump directly to the location of the mistake in your original bilingual file, where you can correct it on the spot. TMX and XLIFF files are opened in an internal editor where you can easily make the necessary corrections and update your translations.

Why QA Distiller

QA Distiller can be seamlessly integrated in the traditional localisation process, providing a reliable, objective and consistent way of analysing and evaluating translation quality. Implementing automated quality control results in significant cost reductions for language service providers and end customers. Because translations are stripped of formal mistakes early in the process, proofreaders spend less time revising translations, editors insert fewer corrections in the documents, language engineers save time implementing the updates in the translation memories, and project managers don't lose time communicating feedback to all parties involved.

QA Distiller offers a dream solution for companies who believe in translation quality as an indispensable factor for ensuring flawless communication in the global marketplace.

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"Spotting mistakes is one thing, but the best part in QA Distiller is the way it lets you correct them. It could not be easier." - Luc Masuy, Techword, Managing Director

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