Never forget

Spot missing or too short translations or left source fragments.


Be consistent

Process multiple files together and spot inconsistent translations or inconsistence source texts.


Spot mistakes that are common in all languages like missing brackets, double spaces, different capitalisation.


Spot mistakes against the language settings like wrong number formatting and quotation marks.


The right term

Load terminology lists and verify if the correct translations have been used for your terms.


Search for strings

Always search for words or phrases in the source and/or target text.


Regular expressions rule

Use the power of regular expressions to create your own checking patterns or to ignore certain patterns from generating error messages.

Clever tricks to reduce false positives

Use the wrench icon to prevent errors from occurring in the future or embrace the power of regular expressions to exclude certain patterns from checks.

QA Distiller - Regular Expressions

QA Distiller - Batch correction

Automatically correct multiple errors

Number formatting errors and quotation mark errors can be corrected in one go. Just select the errors, right-click the wrench icon and off you go.

Ignore the segments you want

Don't want to go through context matches? No problem, just have QA Distiller ignore them.

QA Distiller - Ignore

QA Distiller - Profiles

Use handy profiles

Use profiles to store all your custom QA and language settings and easily select the correct profile for the correct project. Share your profiles with your colleagues or remote workers so you use the exact same settings.

Create insightful reports

Create reports in a number of formats like HTML, XML or Excel to send them out to reviewers or management.

QA Distiller Reports

Command line

Use the command line to automate QA Distiller

Don't want to process files via the graphical user interface? No problem, you can automate QA Distiller using the command line.