Content and format of a batch file

The format of a qadbatch file.

Batch file content

The batch function uses a *.qadbatch file to determine which settings and files have to be used. This file is composed of the following sections:


ProjectPath=pathname (path to the userlists folder)

InputFile=filename (multiple allowed, new entries on new line)

DictionaryFile=filename (multiple allowed, new entries on new line)


OutputFormats=comma separated list of output log formats (XML,HTML,PLAIN,XLS,CSV) (Optional)

OutputContent=content of output log (GENUINE,FULL,PARAMETERS) (optional)

ShowProgress=[0|1] (optional)


ProjectPath=C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\userlists

InputFile=C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\Batch\yamagata.htm.ttx

InputFile=C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\Batch\index.htm.ttx

DictionaryFile=C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\Batch\terminology.dict

OutputPath=C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\Batch\Output




Batch operation output

The default output of a batch operation is an XML log file and a *.qadresults file containing the full error log.