Find translation mistakes the easy way


A stand-alone tool to find translation mistakes in bilingual files. Let QA Distiller find double spaces, missing brackets and wrong numbers for you.




  Automatic error detection

Automatically detect common errors like double spaces, missing brackets, wrong number formats. No more oversights!

  Direct link to errors

Jump directly to the location of the error in the file format's proprietary editor or the internal X-Editor.

  Fully customizable

Create different profiles, create your own checks and reduce the noise from false positives using regular expressions.

Supported checks

  •  Omissions
  •  Source and target language inconsistencies
  •  Language-independent formatting
  •  Language-dependent formatting
  •  Terminology
  •  Search
  •  Regular expressions

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Supported file formats

  •  TRADOStag documents (TTX files)
  •  TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) versions 1.1, 1.4 and 1.4b
  •  XLIFF version 1.2 documents
    • Standard XLIFF
    • SDL Trados Studio XLIFF
    • memoQ XLIFF
    • Worldserver XLIFF
    • Wordbee XLIFF
    • Memsource XLIFF
    • Catalyst 11 XLIFF
    • Déjà Vu X3 XLIFF
    • Fluency Now XLIFF
  •  Proprietary DICT format
  •  TBX (TermBase eXchange)

Language support

QA Distiller supports all languages. Over 90 languages come with default language settings.

  •  Number formatting
  •  Measurement system
  •  Forbidden/required spaces
  •  Quotation marks and apostrophes
  •  Allowed characters
  •  Untranslatables
  •  Regular expressions

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Supported languages
Yamagata Europe

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Development of QA Distiller started over 10 years ago at Yamagata Europe, an information solutions provider based in Ghent, specialized in:

  •  Technical writing
  •  Translation and localization
  •  Quality control
  •  Design and layout
  •  Multichannel delivery