Example of how to determine user lists

  1. Open QA Distiller.
  2. Click Settings > QA settings > Omissions.
  3. Clear all the options and click OK.
  4. Close QA Distiller.
  5. In your file explorer, browse to your Documents folder and create a folder with the name QA Distiller.
  6. Copy the C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\userlists folder to the new QA Distiller folder.
  7. Rename the userlists folder to ImportantClient.
  8. Start QA Distiller.
  9. Click File > Setup > General.
  10. In the Location of user lists field, browse to the ImportantClient folder.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Settings > QA settings > Omissions.
    Note: You can see that all the options are cleared.

If you now select all the options under Omissions, this change is stored in the ImportantClient user lists folder. Like this, you can create multiple folders with different settings for different customers.