Menu reference: Actions menu

This menu reference describes each menu item in the Actions menu.

Menu item Description
Command to analyse the files and dictionaries that have been loaded. The following analysis information is displayed in the upper right pane:
  • Bilingual files: source language, target language and file encoding

  • TMX files: source language and target language

  • Dictionaries: source language, target language and number of entries


Command to run all selected checks on the files that have been loaded. All resulting error messages are displayed in the error pane.

Discard/Restore error

Command to discard a false error message or to restore a previously discarded error message.

Discard/Restore all

Command to discard or restore all error messages.

Show/Hide discarded Command to show or hide all discarded error messages in the error pane.
Mark as fixed

Command to mark an error as fixed.

Clear session

Command to clear all information stored in the session file.

Save session

Command to store all information about discarded errors in the session file, located in the QA Distiller directory.

If you process the same file again later on, this session file makes sure that all previously discarded errors are still marked as such.
Note: The file does not record any information about fixed errors.
Save session as

Command to store all information about discarded errors in the session file of your choice.

Load session

Command to browse to your session file. First load the session file and then process the file(s) again.