Editing XLIFF files in X-Editor

You can edit both the source and target fields.

  1. After you have processed an XLIFF file, double-click an error.
    If you want to edit an XLIFF file without processing it first, load it in QA Distiller and then click Settings > X-Editor > Load.
    X-Editor opens automatically.
  2. Do one or more of the following:
    You want to undo an edit. Press CTRL+Z.
    You want to redo an edit. Press CTRL+Y.
    You want to insert a tab. Press CTRL+TAB.
    You want to add a new line. Press CTRL+ENTER.
    You want to delete a tag. Select the entire tag and click Delete tag or press the DELETE button on your keyboard.
    Note: Tags are protected to prevent creating invalid XLIFF files. You can only delete entire tags.
    You want to modify a tag in a different way. Right-click the tag and click on what you want to do.
    You want to display an SDL XLIFF inline comment. Rest your mouse pointer on the highlighted part of the comment. The comment is then displayed as a tooltip.
    Note: SDL XLIFF comments are highlighted with colours that indicate their severity. Read-only diamonds indicate the comment boundaries.


  3. Click Save.
  4. Close the X-Editor window.