General configuration settings

The following is a list of the settings in the General tab of the Setup dialog box.

Setting Description
Location of user lists

The userlists folder contains the changes that you make to the default configuration.

The default path is C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\userlists. The lists in this folder take priority over the default settings.

Location of character set files

The charsets folder contains the default QA Settings and valid character sets for the supported languages.

The default path is C:\Program Files\Yamagata\QADistiller\charsets.

Note: If you work in a network environment, you can save the above files on a server location, so that all users work with the same setup.
Location of TagEditor executable

Specifies the location of the TagEditor executable that is used to open TTX files.

Display errors with severity above

You can choose to display only the errors above a certain severity. The default value is set to 0.

Open bilingual file automatically

Selected: Enables you to open the file directly in TagEditor by double-clicking the error message.

Show tooltips

Selected: Displays tooltips when moving the mouse pointer over options or buttons.

Use memory efficient XML modifier Selected: The files that are checked in X-Editor are stored.
Load partial file in X-Editor when number of entries exceeds You can provide a number to indicate when X-Editor has to load a partial file instead of the whole file.
Reset warnings

If at some point you disabled application warning messages, you can reset QA Distiller to display them all again. You can, for example, make the warning about read-only userlists reappear if you disabled it previously.