SDL tab: XPaths

The options in this tab are only valid for SDL XLIFF documents with the custom sdl namespace.

SDL XLIFF files open in the internal X-Editor by default. The option Use SDL Studio Editor is currently not available because the SDK for this purpose has not been released yet by SDL.

Table 1. Translation units to be ignored
Option XPath
Translation Approved //trans-unit[sdl:seg-defs[sdl:seg[@conf='ApprovedTranslation']]]
Signed Off //trans-unit[sdl:seg-defs[sdl:seg[@conf='ApprovedSignOff']]]
Locked //trans-unit[sdl:seg-defs[sdl:seg[@locked='true']]]
100% //trans-unit[sdl:seg-defs[sdl:seg[@percent='100']]]
Table 2. Translation units to be reported
Option XPath
With comments: For your information (Low) //trans-unit[target[mrk[mrk[@sdl:cid=//cmt-def[Comments[Comment[@severity='Low']]]/@id]]]]
With comments: Warning (Medium) //trans-unit[target[mrk[mrk[@sdl:cid=//cmt-def[Comments[Comment[@severity='Medium']]]/@id]]]]
With comments: Error (High) //trans-unit[target[mrk[mrk[@sdl:cid=//cmt-def[Comments[Comment[@severity='High']]]/@id]]]]