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  • 1 floating user
  • 3 languages
  • No command line interface
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  • 1 floating user
  • All languages
  • No command line interface
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  • 5 floating users
  • All languages
  • Command line interface
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Prices are one-off costs, paid once and not repeated. The first year of support and maintenance is included in the purchase price.

The first year of support and maintenance is included in the purchase price.  Annual support and maintenance costs in subsequent years equal 20% of the license price.

QA Distiller licenses are so-called floating licenses, which are retrieved over the Internet from a central license server hosted by Yamagata Europe. This means that you can install any edition of QA Distiller on as many computers as you want. If a license is available the license server allows the application to run. When you close QA Distiller the license is automatically reclaimed by the license server and made available again.

You can upgrade your edition by simply paying the price difference.


Customers who bought QA Distiller in 2014 get a free update to version 9.

Customers who bought in previous years, pay 20% of their original license cost (at standard prices, without discounts) to update their license to version 9. Send us an e-mail at qa-distiller@yamagata-europe asking for an upgrade and specify your license number.



  We implemented QA Distiller a year ago and since then we have intensively used it to check the quality of our translations and to improve translation quality in all of our workflows and processes. QA Distiller has been a "revelation" to us in the sense that it is the first tool that really meets our needs when it comes to translation quality assurance.

Kris Vanderrusten, Localization Specialist, Agfa HealthCare

  After trying and purchasing QA Distiller, it soon became the backbone of our quality assurance system. Although some of the features are available in many well-known Translation Memory systems, QA Distiller provides all the functions in a single highly configurable environment.

László Kovács, Chief Operating Officer, TEK Localizations

  QA Distiller 6.0 has been deployed here and we appreciate a lot the TMX editor capability. We have been using it consistently to assess and correct TMX files before importing them in our centralized Translation Memory.

François Richard, HP Content Management Services

  Finalmente, el gran ganador, a años luz, es el Yamagata QA Distiller. Hacía tiempo que había oído hablar de sus bondades, pero pensaba que no se nos quedaba grande para nuestras necesidades. Eso hasta que nuestras necesidades han aumentado junto a las exigencias de los clientes, claro.

En seguida compensa la inversión que supone su compra (tiene un ROI muy rápido, que dicen los comerciales). A veces sorprende que te pueda detectar según qué fallos, casi parece que tenga inteligencia artificial el maldito.

Jordi Balcells, Pangeanic

  Spotting mistakes is one thing, but the best part in QA Distiller is the way it lets you correct them. It could not be easier. With its host of customizable options, QA Distiller is a really useful, efficient and reliable tool that soon becomes indispensable to deliver a top-notch job.

Luc Masuy, Managing Director, Techword

  For any translation, QA Distiller is a sort of detective. It that can spot those hard-to-find tiny mistakes that even an experienced translator can miss, like consecutive spaces, mistakes in numbers, untranslated terms or terminology inconsistencies. In short: QA Distiller allows me to deliver higher quality translations, saves me a lot of time and therefore reduces costs!

Annemie Van Thillo, Localisation Project Manager, Luz Inc.

  I've been using QA Distiller and finding it to be a very useful productivity tool. Kudos to you and your development team!

Deb Kramasz, Sr. Language and Resourcing Manager, Prisma International

 In the highly competitive market for language service providers, quality has finally begun to overshadow price as a selection criterion. With QA Distiller, Yamagata Europe has provided the industry with an elegant solution.

Ben Hickman, Lowland Languages