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QA Distiller 9.1.5 has been released

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QA Distiller 9.1.5 has been released today.

New features include:

  • Faster saving in X-Editor
  • Smart sampling
  • Protect source for SDLXLIFF files
  • Report unedited and/or edited machine translations
  • Ignore 102% matches in MQXLIFF files
  • Ignore inconsistencies with ignored units
  • Ignore corrupt character when character appears in source
  • Support for Tibetan, Uzbek and Azeri added

Have a look at the release notes to find out what else is new and which bugs have been fixed.

Download a free trial to test the fully functional version.

QA Distiller 9.1.5



I would like to know how to check the target translation by running QA Distiller with Termbase and Glossary at the same time.

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